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Marked walking trails

Randonnée pédestre - Pays de la Petite Pierre
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Pays de la Petite Pierre


For sale at the Office de Tourisme : a guidebook including 17 walks lasting between two hours and two days and for different levels.

Round trip walk to the twelve sources, Zittersheim     CURRENT FOREST WORKS / FORBID.   > 02/2017

Starting point : Church Square in Moderfeld
Distance : 15 km
Length : 4.5 hours on the main trail marked with a blue dot, or several shortcuts between 45 minutes and two hours.

Through high forests and beautiful little valleys, this trail follows streams whose sources feed the sandstone reservoirs of the region. Always precious, this water is the source for Zitterheim’s drinking water.

Other points of interest : the Sennthal source, feeding spots for wild boar, the Kuhberg source, vineyard irrigation
ditches from the early 20th century, the Weinberg source, a pretty waterfall, the Thal and Moder sources…

Also along the way, the Dougherty memorial, in honour of the American pilot Samuel Dougherty, who crashed here in September 1944.

This walk was constructed over three summers by a group of young international volunteers.
Download details here or consult signs at the Moderfeld bus stop or the Office de Tourisme in La Petite Pierre.

Lichtenberg - Reipertswiller (Saegemühle) - Lichtenberg

Starting point : Lichtenberg village center
Distance : 7 km
Length : 2.5 hours

Lovely forest trail with enchanting beauty spots. Follow the red/white/red rectangle. At the crossing, continue straight ahead and then follow the blue ring in the direction of the sawmill. From there, follow the yellow ring until you reach Reipertswiller, go through the village, then take the direction of Rothbach; at the end of the street, turn right and follow GR 532 to Lichtenberg. A beautiful view of the castle which is worth a visit (information at 03 88 89 98 72 ou 03 88 70 42 30).

Wingen-sur-Moder - Lichtenberg

Starting point : Train station at Wingen-sur-Moder
Distance : 12 km
Length : 4 hours

Follow the yellow rectangle along GR 532 in the direction of Lichtenberg. At the intersection of the yellow cross, you have two choices: 1) take the right-hand trail marked with the yellow cross until you reach Wimmenau, walk through the village, then take the bicycle path along the train tracks. Follow the road to Goetzenbruck and return to Wingen-sur-Moder. Or 2) after crossing the forest road, take the trail to the left which leads uphill towards the church (with a very picturesque panorama of the surrounding valleys and the castle of Lichtenberg). Stay on the path with the yellow ring which takes you past the “Kirchberg” picnic area. After 200 m, take the trail marked with the blue ring in the direction of Buxenberg, cross the county road and follow the edge of the forest until the crossing with the trail marked with the red/white/red rectangle, which will take you back along the GR 53 and the red rectangle trail which heads back uphill to Lichtenberg.

Round trip trail Baerenberg

Starting point : opposite the Office de Tourisme, La Petite Pierre
Distance : 3.5 km
Length : 1 hour

Follow the trail marked with the blue circle between the sandstone boulders of the Jardin de l’Altenbourg and continue through fields and forest. At the end of the nursery on your left, turn right and follow the trail down towards the county road La Petite Pierre/Oberhof. Follow the road for 200 m and then walk back up to La Petite Pierre following the ravine path with the blue ring.

The Poets’ Garden, an oasis of calm on the Altenbourg hill, invites you to enjoy its quiet atmosphere and read poetry posted there written by young and old as well as view a mosaic representing the village. Enjoy the wonderful setting of the village below and its surrounding forests and the spectacular view of the old town centre with its castle and church.

Circuit du Rocher blanc

Départ : Mairie de La Petite-Pierre.
Distance : 5 km
Durée : 1h30

Suivre la route en direction de Petersbach. Après 200 m, tourner à gauche après le débit de tabac et prendre la petite route qui descend dans la vallée. Tourner à droite pour suivre le chemin forestier du Muckenkopf qui atteint le Rocher Blanc d'où l'on découvre une magnifique vue sur le Château et la localité de La Petite-Pierre. Suivre le sentier par une petite montée (rectangle jaune) jusqu'à la route forestière .

Suivre la route sur votre droite jusqu'à la maison forestière de La Petite-Pierre puis descendre sur la D9 venant de Petersbach qui retourne par un trottoir en herbe jusqu'à La Petite-Pierre.

Télécharger ici un feuillet avec quelques circulaires dans le Pays de La Petite Pierre

 Club vosgien de La Petite Pierre

Club vosgien de Reipertswiller

Club vosgien de Wingen-sur-Moder 

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